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The Swiss Diversity Awards 2020 - these are the winners

The Swiss Diversity Award on 05 September 2020

On 05 September 2020 in Bern, the Swiss Diversity Awards are presented. They are intended to honour the commitment to diversity of people and organisations from a wide range of fields. The coveted Lifetime Award went this year to Kurt Aeschbacher.

But the other award winners are also likely to appeal to people within the Scene (and beyond) already be known.

The Swiss Diversity Awards 2020 - Awards in eight categories

This year, the Swiss Diversity Awards were distributed in a total of eight categories. All the award winners are people or organisations that are working hard for more diversity and tolerance, especially within Switzerland.

The special feature: with "Versatility and tolerance" at this point is not exclusively the LGBTQ scene, but also other areas, such as behaviour towards people with disabilities and the like. Accordingly, the Swiss Diversity Awards is a colourful event in the truest sense of the word, interesting on several levels.

The award winners at a glance

The coveted Art & Education Award took the team from "You-are-you" towards. The programme is primarily aimed at young people who are looking for help regarding their sexual orientation and gender. "You-are-you" is intended to help them get to know and accept themselves better and thus ultimately also strengthen their self-esteem.

The award in the field of sport in 2020 went to the Paralympic sprinter Abassia Rahmani, while Matthias Reynard (SP National Councillor) won the prize in the category of "Politics" assumed. Reynard was particularly engaged with regard to completing the Anti-Racism Penal Standard. He was or is concerned that neither people of a different nationality nor people with a different sexual orientation should be discriminated against.

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The "Equality Award was sent to the organisation "Helvetia calls!" awarded. Through her commitment, she wants to ensure that more women have access to political office. The "Disability Award went to the Rossfeld Foundation, the Zurich Pride was awarded with the "LGBT+ Award" honoured.

Another highlight of the Swiss Diversity The final award was the Lifetime Achievement Award. Kurt Aeschbacher could be happy about this.

The Swiss Diversity Awards 2020 - these are the winners

The Swiss Diversity Awards - even in times of Corona with an important message

The Swiss Diversity Awards were not cancelled despite Corona, but merely adapted - like many other events. In this way, the organisers and award winners managed to transport the important message behind the event from Switzerland to the world.

Based on the different categories, it became clear that it would definitely be wrong to "diversity"This is not the only way to refer to the LGBTQ scene. In other areas, too, prejudices about people who do not conform to the prevailing norm are unfortunately still part of everyday life. It is all the more important that there are people who show how unbelievably diverse society can be and how interesting the overall construct thus becomes.

The commitment of the award winners (or all nominees) was once again highlighted and brought into the public focus on 05 September 2020. The likelihood that the award ceremony thus left a lasting impression on those who are otherwise rather seldom confronted with issues such as prejudice, discrimination and intolerance is high. After all, it became clear that - despite the successes already achieved - much work still awaits society.

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