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To Corona: these are the resorts gay men are looking forward to

Finally Gay Resorts to Corona Again

It's not much fun thinking about your next holiday at the moment? Why not? At some point, the pandemic simply HAS to be over. Those who have already thought about where they would like to spend the best weeks of the year are clearly at an advantage.

But where is the best place to go on holiday? Many gays have long had their own personal favourites when it comes to escaping their home town and gaining some new, exciting experiences.

Particularly practical: the world offers many hot spots that welcome gays with open arms and are thus tailor-made to become the destination of an LGBTQ holiday for queers who love to travel.

Gay travel tip no. 1: New Zealand

New Zealand is "on the other side of the world" and seems unreachable during the Corona Pandemic. However, this does not mean that this beautiful corner of the world has to be crossed off the destination list for all eternity.

After all, the country is considered particularly LGBTQ-friendly. Among other things, the "Gay/Lesbian Friendly" campaign was used here first. The aim: to point out shops and hotels that - as the name suggests - are particularly open and friendly towards gays and lesbians.

In 2013, the law on same-sex marriage was passed here. If you are looking for a mix of nature, culture and lots of great people, you will feel right at home here.

Gay travel tip no. 2: Palm Springs

Many Europeans are already planning their next trip across the pond (and with a large portion of anticipation). Gays are often drawn to Palm Springs. Here, not only sunshine and a good mood await, but also a very special LGBTQ atmosphere to be enjoyed with all senses.

Drag queen Katy Bähm mixes up Promi Big Brother.

Whether parties, activities or FlirtHere, just about every queer person should get their money's worth. come. Fancy staying in a hotel where only male guests are allowed? No problem! After a quick search, you will find accommodation that not only invites you to sleep in the hotel room, but is also perfect for putting out your own feelers a little.

Gay travel tip no. 3: Gran Canaria

The weather on the Canary Islands is usually even better than on the Balearic Islands. In addition, Gran Canaria in particular has developed over time into a real hot spot for gays and the LGBTQ community.

Small bars and cafés quickly become great flirting locations and - when it's time to party in the big disco again - there's certainly a dance floor or two waiting to be conquered.

Those who are perhaps looking for a quieter alternative to Ibiza will certainly get their money's worth here.

Gay travel tip no. 4: the cruise

Don't feel like committing to a specific destination? How about a cruise? Sometimes gay men are directly addressed here by the organisers taking exclusively gays on board.

Under such conditions, the upcoming sunsets can certainly be enjoyed a little more romantically. While this used to be a classic niche offer, gay cruises have enjoyed particular popularity for some time now. The larger providers have now also included this type of cruise in their portfolio.

Gay travel tip no. 5: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is considered one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world... and not just because it was the first to recognise gay marriage.

Where does the meaning of drag actually come from?

As a rule, it doesn't even cause astonished looks when "he and he" stroll down the street holding hands. There are also many establishments, such as hotels and cafés, that explicitly cater to queers. The whole thing is rounded off by a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.



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