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Prince Charming episode 4... and a little bit of bodyshaming?!

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 4 of Prince Charming

Day 4 has begun - and slowly the "Hunting" on the Prince Charming even more speed. But stop! In case you don't want to know what's going on in the current episode about the gay bachelor you should not read any further at this point and, if necessary, wait until the fourth episode on 16 November 2020 on Free TV on VOX is broadcast.

To everyone else, we hope you enjoy our column!

A surprise to start the day

What could be better than meeting the man of your dreams right at the start of the new day? That's exactly what many of the men in the villa must have asked themselves. On day 4, the dear Prince Charming simply invited himself to breakfast. The excitement was accordingly great. After all, not all of the admirers had been styled yet. Some were even still in bed.

Nevertheless, the Alex was already choosing his next partner for the upcoming one-on-one date. This time was Joachim the lucky one. However, the decision was not received positively by everyone. Because: Participants Joachim is not one of the worshippers who can enjoy particularly great popularity.

The rumour mill is also bubbling. The question "What will happen after the last kiss?" somehow hovers over everything and preoccupies especially the somewhat more jealous men. At the same time, many do not understand why the chances for Joachim generally seem to increase from day to day. For many, he is considered one of the men with whom it is not possible to have a serious and in-depth conversation about feelings and co.

Jonathan Van Ness "Queer Eye" got married

Love and the future? Prince Charming and Joachim exchange ideas

From the negative reactions that the decision, Joachim the single date with them, get Alex and his beau don't notice anything. They are already floating at lofty heights and first enjoy para-sailing together before heading out for a small picnic.

Here it then seems as if it might not be so difficult after all to come to terms with Alex to entertain. On the contrary! The two flirt not only with each other, but also talk about a possible future and the topic of children, among other things.

Last doubts that Joachim The possibility that the government might be a little more serious than some have assumed is likely to have been dispelled.

Who is allowed on the group date?

After the single date is before the group date - at least with Prince Charming. This time come the candidates Adrian, Arne, Roman and Vincent in the enjoyment, Alex to get to know each other a little better.

This time it won't be sporty, but creative! Because: the men are making figures of themselves out of plaster. The special thing about it is that each of you can choose which part of your body you want to plaster. Accordingly, a little intuition is required here. What is hot and what is perhaps TOO sexy?

The bravest candidate here is probably Arne. He decides to plaster his backside. It seems that many of the men enjoy being touched. After all, not everyone is plastering themselves.

Special preferences and a little (, big) foreign shaming moment

But even away from the plaster session, fun did not fall by the wayside in the villa - at least over a comparatively long period of time. To prevent boredom, the men who had not been invited to the group date decided to organise a party.

Prince Charming - These candidates are particularly memorable

Especially for participants Andrea is - after the kiss from episode 3 - the Jealousy awakened. He sees his hides swimming away more and more. After all, experience shows that no one - neither at "Prince Charming" nor at the "Bachelor" and similar formats - should be too safe.

Lauritz meanwhile puts all (or much) on one card. He talks to Alex about the fact that he is not only Flower sex stands. Fair enough, actually. After all, nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, do they?

For Andrea the evening ends in a minor éclat as he makes a joke about David and his body. What may simply not have been thought through caused the others to make frightened faces along the lines of "Did he really just say that?" from.

In episode 4 of Prince Charming showed once again that the camps are now divided and that the viewer is also likely to catch himself more and more with questions like "Who is really serious? Accordingly, it remains exciting, funny and sexy. There are still a few dates (and certainly a lot of kisses) to come until the finale.


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