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Ellen DeGeneres has Corona

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres infected with corona virus

The coronavirus - still - has the world firmly in its grip. Now it has also infected the 62-year-old US star presenter. Ellen DeGeneres Caught.

She also became infected with the coronavirus. In her "Ellen DeGeneres Show"celebrities and leading personalities of American and international society are all over the place. After contracting the virus, the show is also over for the time being. But fans don't have to wait long. Already next year she wants to continue again.

Ellen is one of the best-known members of the LGBTQ community worldwide. When she invites A-list celebrities, they don't wait long. Among others, she has already received acting legends such as Halle Berry and Clint Eastwood... And also the then First Lady Michelle Obama was there.

Also interesting: Her famous Oscar selfie paralysed the online platform Instagram at the time. No wonder with the number of celebrities in a single snapshot.

The diagnosis

"I wanted to let you know that I tested positive for Covid-19.", she wrote on Instagram on Thursday. For a show host, this is more than bad news, because - as I said - celebrities come and go with her. Meeting people is her job.

And now? All the people with whom she was in close contact have already been informed.

According to her own statement, the "Dori Voice"The show is currently doing very well and nothing should stand in the way of its continuation after her recovery. Then, in 2021, the high society of the USA will once again sit on the couch of the popular US star presenter and chat from the inside.

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Ellen DeGeneres: the LGBTQ activist

In the 1990s, the Ellen both privately and in her sitcom "Ellen" their Outing. Her fans praised her at the time for her courageous performance and the open way she dealt with her homosexuality.

Through them, queers were ultimately brought even more into the public and social image of Americans.

The consequence to said Coming Out had the highest ratings of the entire series. Many homosexuals have also found the courage to make their own sexual orientation public through this step.

Ellen's Commitment in this context was also expressed, among others, by former USPresident Barack Obama honoured. She was ceremoniously awarded the Presidental Medal of Freedom thoughtful.

Today engages Ellen DeGeneres for the organisation PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and is spokesperson of the HRC Coming Out project. To this day, she is still campaigning for people to decide to live their sexuality freely. In interviews, too, she repeatedly argues that no one should have to hide or be ashamed of their sexual orientation.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres infected with corona virus

The Corona Pandemic in the USA

The pandemic wave is raging worldwide. Among others, however, the USA seems to be particularly hard hit by it. Besides Ellen DeGeneres are among others already Donald Trump, Tom Hanks and Madonna tested positive for the virus.

To date, more than 15.5 million US citizens have been infected with the coronavirus. A total of 291,000 people have died in the USA as a result of the disease.

Ellen DeGeneres is accordingly one of millions of Americans directly affected by the pandemic, putting another face on the disease - due to its popularity. Perhaps, however, this is exactly what many people need to see the gravity of the situation: the realisation that it can affect anyone.

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