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Viktor Orbán rages against rainbow families

Hungary Viktor Orbán's fight against LGBTQ and rainbow families

A commemoration that calls for the memory of the victims of the First World War should actually be marked by the idea of peace and unity. It therefore seems a little hair-raising that Viktor Orbán once again used a corresponding event to rail against the rainbow families of the West.

The politician implored his followers to oppose the West in this regard. The reason: Western countries were said to support homosexuality and atheism, among other things.

Many Hungarian media now report that Orbán used the occasion to declare that the West no longer believes in the family. Among other things, he railed against the open, tolerant societies and an alleged prevailing godlessness.

Orbán has long opposed rainbow families

The World War I commemoration is not the first occasion on which Orbán has spoken out against rainbow families, homosexuality and tolerance. In the past, he has also railed against the fact that the classic family model (meaning marriage between a man and a woman) no longer exists for many people.

So it is surely only a matter of time before Hungary will be even more hostile towards homosexuals than it already is.

Moreover, it is frightening that Orbán's statements are not just mere statements, but that they are now also underpinned by laws. Among other things, it is clear from this that people who are transsexual or intersexual do not have the same rights as those who - at least according to Viktor Orbán - live in a "normal" relationship.

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The latter law, however, is only a further step in the direction of LGBTQ-hostility for the country of Hungary. Because: homosexuals are not allowed to marry here, rainbow families are not real families in the eyes of those who share Orbán's conservative attitude. Furthermore, the politician increasingly intervenes in the curriculum of schools and universities to prevent young people from learning about topics such as "homosexuality", "Gender"and the like.

Hungary and homosexuality - a "special" topic

Hungary is one of the countries where the topic of "homosexuality" has been controversially discussed for many decades. While in 1878 homosexual acts (between men) were still punished, the turning point came in the 1960s. From then on, it was no longer considered criminal, gay to be.

But to assume that it would always be easy to live as a gay man in Hungary is definitely wrong. Because: time and again - especially right-wing - forces rise up that want to restrict the rights of gays again. The year 2012 was a particular turning point in this context. Here, among other things, motions were filed to have gay bars closed and CSDs banned.

Especially in Budapest, the homosexual Scene however, can be described as comparatively strong. Christopher Street Day still takes place in the capital every year. However, the corresponding events often meet with fierce opposition. Especially conservative citizens regularly confront the CSDers. Sometimes violence is also used.

But: the strength of the community and its commitment shows that it is definitely worth fighting for one's rights even in a country controlled by a conservative politician like Viktor Orbán. The issue of equality has come more and more into focus over the years. In the meantime, many heterosexual Hungarians are also of the opinion that homosexual marriage comes with the same rights as the Straight-marriage should be considered.

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