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Autumn is getting colourful: the 27th Pride Pictures are taking place!

The 27th "Pride Pictures" are currently taking place

"Breathe a sigh of relief!" is the current motto for all fans of the Pride Pictures! Because: from 19.10.2020 to 25.10.2020 the event will take place - even at Corona times. Festival despite Corona? That's possible! ... and the organisers reveal on their website how exactly this will work. This time the Pride Pictures in the online festival version.

This means that no matter where fans of this event may live, they have the opportunity to follow the action from the comfort of their own homes and enjoy the - literally - colourful film festival.

However, the virtual variant has an additional advantage. Here, no one is bound by timesheets or the like. All films are available after first release for the "Fellow watchers" for a period of 24 hours online. Even Corona could not prevent the Pride Pictures and that's a good thing. Viewers can expect a lot of variety from a wide range of genres in the late October evenings. It is likely to be worth giving new films a chance here. At the same time, fans of the event might be confronted with the special, old-fashioned flair of the event. It certainly won't be boring!

The Pride Pictures online programme in detail

To ensure that everyone gets through the festival without any mishaps, special videos have been made that explain the entire process once again. It makes sense to do a little research beforehand, even though the steps are usually self-explanatory.

In addition, individual festival packages can be purchased to make the cinema feeling perfect. The organisers have selected a choice selection of cinema snacks and other classics of cinematic entertainment. Here, among other things, one could choose from non-alcoholic Drinks, Red wine, White wine and Sparkling wine be elected.

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In addition to the drinks, the package also includes, among other things Popcorn, Snacks, a Voucher for the merchandise shop and much more. The festival package can then be purchased in the Cinematheque in the Kaiserpassage 6 in Karlsruhe be picked up.

Film selection and programme - what will be shown?

It is precisely the emotions that this gruelling year brings with it that the organisers try to reflect in their film selection - and that is exactly what makes the Pride Pictures also so incredibly authentic. "Change, transience and saying goodbye to old habits", these keywords certainly describe the selection well and - as has been revealed - long-awaited films are also finally included.

Thus, the audience embarks on a journey that, among other things, also takes an in-depth look at different cultures. Within the framework of the plots, the most diverse characters are waiting to be discovered.

From the Czech sympathetic Herbal healer to the Georgian Dancer there should be virtually nothing left to be desired here. But also topics like "Outing in old age" are addressed in the festival and brought into focus in a sensitive way.

In addition to the main films, there will also be Short films shown. From documentaries about SciFi up to Mangas and Yaoi is represented here, so that every film fan gets his money's worth. come likely.

The homepage of the Pride Pictures offers a lot more information about the offer.

The weather currently invites us to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy films in a homely atmosphere. Why not try out a different kind of streaming and at the same time enjoy the special flair of which a large part of the world's population is already aware? LGBTQ Community enchanted?

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