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Episode 6: Prince Charming on a make-out tour

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 6 of Prince Charming

Slowly, one or the other viewer will certainly catch themselves building up sympathy for some of the candidates. The ranks are thinning out. Week after week Alex men home and get to know the rest better and better.

In addition, since last week to crystallise more favourites. One thing is certain: it remains exciting - and sexy.

Who doesn't want to know what happens in episode 6 of the second season? Prince Charming happened, should stop reading here and wait until the 30.11.2020 wait. Because: then the episode we are talking about here will be in the Free TV at VOX aired.

Everyone else who can't wait: Have fun!

The candidates among themselves

The sentence "I am not here to make friends!"In a way, this is already standard in dating formats. In the second season, too, the men's villa is the scene of the well-known "Clübchen" -Education.

So it's no surprise that Jan helps Joachim with his styling when the latter goes on a date in the Prince Charming Villa is invited.

The rest of the men are a little more competitive. Here they are already discussing how it could be possible, Joachim his role as favourite (if he has it?). However, he doesn't hear about the plans of his competitors. Because: after his styling, he visits the coveted Princes and a passionate smooch ensues. Particularly spicy: Joachim stays overnight!

A decision that many men resent. After all, until the very end they were still hoping "Jo" would still appear - albeit late - at the men's villa.

Right on trend - inline skating in spring

Alex's mother comes to visit

What would a programme like "Prince Charming" without the kindly advice of a mother? The shoes that have to be filled here after the last season are big. Because: Nicolas Mutter quickly became a real favourite with the public.

But also Alex' Mother should now get the chance to get to know the candidates who want to conquer her son's heart. To make sure that this happens quickly (and fairly), the boys are invited to a speed dating session with their mother. Afterwards it is up to Heidito choose the next date partner for her son.

In the end, it is the emotional Gino the race. He scores not only with politeness and friendliness, but also by speaking openly about the challenges around his Coming Out tells.

A special single date with Gino

Excitingly, it manages Gino not only, AlexHe not only tries to convince his mother, but also uses the opportunity to present a completely different side of himself. Because: he can definitely also be profound and thoughtful.

Meanwhile, things are less profound and thoughtful in the men's villa. Because: here they are already celebrating again - very exuberantly by some participants.

Lauritz's Fetish and the Happy Hour

In episode 6, the Happy Hour once again became an absolute highlight - among others for Lauritzwho took heart and tried, Alex in the men's bedroom a little in "his" Fetish-world.

Unlike the classic Bachelor or the classical Bachelorette is used for Prince Charming still snogged now and then on the night of the farewell. This time seized Gino - certainly still a little spurred on from the date - took the initiative and kissed the Princes.

Everything could be so beautiful... COULD. Because: Episode 6 ends with a violent scandal. Joachim and Janwho were not the most popular men in the group anyway, decide to leave early and thus give up. But not because they were afraid of their feelings or no longer had any desire for the project as a whole, but because they could no longer cope with the accusations of the other candidates.

Prince Charming - These candidates are particularly memorable

If you looked closely, you could see the heart of the Princes - especially with Joachim's Exit - see it break a little. Remains to be seen whether Joachim perhaps turn around in the next episode because he doesn't want to make his love future dependent on the rest of the group? And if not, who will turn out to be the favourite in the coming episodes?!


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