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Popular LGBTQ songs under the magnifying glass

The most popular LGBTQ anthems of all time

Music is for many people more than just acoustic entertainment especially the songs in the LGBTQ Scene. Rather, the melodic Sounds many as Soundtrack of life or are used as a soul balm on bad days.

The Artist created, albeit partly unintentionally at first, Hitswhich leads to Hymns of certain scenes. In the meantime, there are also many Songs in the Party scenecelebrated especially by the LGBTQ scene.

Because of their statements and the danceable Rhythms are among others from the following hits Party anthems of the LGBTQ scene.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (2011)

Lady Gaga belongs to the Starswhich are regularly celebrated by the scene. It often addresses homosexuality and the famous "Being different in their Songs. Also in the series "American Horror Story" she shone as a feminine yet androgynous being who helped many people to stand by their sexuality and love everyone in their own way.

"Born This Way" has a simple but at the same time powerful core message: Love yourself as you were born! And it doesn't matter what lifestyle, what kind of sexuality or what path you take. Especially the part "No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life" is often quoted.


Village People - Y.M.C.A. (1978)

Nearly everyone knows the choreography and the LGBTQ Anthem par excellence: "Y.M.C.A.". The Opening melody makes the crowd go wild and even hard-bitten men have to move their hips, so to speak.

What is often forgotten: in the Song is about a young man who comes alone to a big city and feels lonely. The Village People want to help him and advise him to Y.M.C.A. (Young Man Christian Association) to visit.

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The Songwhen it is known that these places are in the 70s gladly used as a meeting place for Gay'e were used. But also because of the crisp Melody and the enormous Earworm potential should be the Song remain legendary.


Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (2002)

As "Geist in der Flasche / Genie in a Bottle" learned the music industry Christina Aguilera know. Over the course of time, she has become one of the most successful Singers the 2000s. That they are not only simple Pop songs can sing, she proves with the compassionate Ballad "Beautiful".

Since the publication in 2002 the Song - among others on various Music players played up and down - helps build self-confidence in the LGBTQ scene and provide comfort.

In her Song is about the fact that every person is beautiful in their own individual way and that others cannot or must not judge this. In short: the work gives strength when one's own self-image is once again clouded by society.


Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (1980)

The best atmosphere at a Party can be started with "I'm Coming Out" can still be increased. Disco similar Sounds, a fabulous Voice and a snappy Melody characterise the track.

But also the background story of the Song is very interesting. Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, which is the Text were written by a Drag Queen inspired.

They encountered these again and again and were fascinated by the pride and self-confidence of the Drag.


Conclusion of LGBTQ Songs:

There are so many other gaudy and groovy LGBTQ Hymns. Kylie Minouges "All The Lovers" is dedicated to the queer scene. "I Want To Break Free" from Queen caused a sensation with the accompanying Video clipin which all members of the Ribbon were dressed as women. And society will certainly not lack LGBTQ songs in the future.

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The 5 most popular LGBTQ anthems of all time



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